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Let’s face it: the best aspect of a road trip isn’t necessarily the journey. Riding in cars and sitting for hours on end can be incredibly nerve-wracking. A little competition never hurt and it certainly alleviates the boredom!

  1. The Alphabet Game

The rules of this game are simple. Those playing locate words on vehicles (license plates do not count) or signs starting with the next letter in the alphabet. You are allowed one save (for those tricky letters like Q, K, V, and Z!) , but you have to state the name of your save when that letter comes up before someone else finds that letter. Case in point: Bob finds Apple, so he gets a point. Susan then spots the phrase High Quality and asserts the Q. When Q comes up, she only says the term Quality to be given a point. The game doesn’t have to stop at Z! You’ll be so addicted that you will want to play until you reach your destination.

  1. The Yellow Game

This can be played with almost any color vehicle – yellow is just not as common. For each yellowish vehicle seen, the spotter gets to pinch someone. Construction vehicles, school buses, moving vehicles, and portable toilets are discretionary pinches.

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Simply print out a map, or if you’re not geographically inclined, a listing of all the states in alphabetical order. You’ll also have to bring along a different colored pencil, highlighter, or marker for each individual in the vehicle. For every different state found, that person gets a point (indicated by marking off that state with that person’s specific color). The game ends when all countries are found or when the destination is reached!

  1. License Plate Phrases

No, this isn’t searching for the plates that have SXYMOM1 written on them. Instead, take the random letters assigned to license plates and attempt to think of a phrase that makes sense! DYO, for example, can turn into Do You Ooze? As long as it is reasonable, why not!

  1. Count the Cones

Sure, building on the road is enough to fry anyone’s nerves. Rapidly passing cone after cone is guaranteed to lead to some confusion, so it’s ideal for the driver to prevent this particular game.

Next time you are on a road trip, instead of just mindlessly glancing handed the cars that pass on the road, why not create a game out of them? You’d be surprised by exactly how much people drive and how many yellow vehicles you will find once you start looking!

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