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It’s summer again and it’s the ideal time to choose an exciting holiday. Here’s an outstanding idea – visit Vegas and then have a bus tour to the Grand Canyon once you’re there. I’ve listed three of the greatest tours below to help you pick out a fantastic tour for a excellent price.

The first recommended tour departs in Vegas and goes to the South Rim in Arizona, where you can enjoy a helicopter tour of the Canyon between the South and North Rims. You will see many notable landmarks on the helicopter flight, like the Dragoon Corridor, which is the deepest aspect of the Canyon. In all, the helicopter tour gives you 30 minutes of air time flying over the Canyon, and it is an perfect way to top off a land tour .

My next choice in bus tours of the Canyon appears to be one of the top tours you can take to the West Rim. The Colorado River flows along the base of the Canyon, and that is where you will board a boat for a relaxing and scenic flying trip. When you fly back to the top of the rim, make sure you visit a few scenic lookout points until you board the tour bus when you’ve got enough time. Temple Wildlife Removal

West Rim Tour With Skywalk Upgrade

If you visit the West Rim, you’ll probably want to visit the Skywalk, that is the main attraction. The Skywalk is a huge engineering marvel made from steel and glass that lets you walk past the edge of the rim for 70 feet as you look through the transparent floor in the Canyon bottom some 4000 feet under you. This awesome experience is only found at the Canyon, so visit the Skywalk and get your heart pumping. One of the nice things about this recommended tour is the Skywalk moves are VIP, so this means you won’t have to waste time standing in line on a hot summer day, you’ll have priority status.

The bus tours above are all-inclusive, so there will be no surprise fees. All fees and costs are included in the price of your tour and paid for upfront, so the only thing left for you to do is have fun. When you’re ready to book your bus tour, do it online so that you can find the low online rate. Purchase your tour early also, because if you wait, you may have to pay more. It’s a fantastic idea to get your tour booked right after you make your hotel reservations so you do not forget about it.

Schedule an whole day for your bus tour, and you do not have to worry about transportation since the tour company picks you up and returns you to your hotel on The Strip. The tours leave at 7 am, so you’ll need to be prepared for your shuttle service at 6 am, and you will be returned to your hotel about 9 pm the same day.

Wrapping Up

These tours are great fun, so choose the one which interests you most and go ahead and get it booked. If you want to have a flight to the Canyon floor or see the Skywalk, you’ll need to take a visit to the West rim, but if you are more interested in visiting pristine wilderness scenery, then the South Rim tour is most likely a better choice. You can’t really go wrong once you see one of the most loved National Parks in America, but when you select one of the suggested tours above, you’ll be set to have a day full of excitement, fun, and memories.

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